Student Group Says “Don’t Vote”


A new generation of young people asks why they should have to choose the lesser of two evils.


Local, National, International (November 1, 2012) – Imagine protesters with signs that simply say “Don’t Vote.” Wouldn’t that be shocking, especially on a college campus? Come Election Day, fewer and fewer people are taking part, because they know their ballot is meaningless if the game is fixed. A group of students seeking universal truth is encouraging prospective voters to take this one step further. They believe each election is inherently flawed and that the only way to stop a system full of party sellouts and political corruption is to abstain entirely. To vote is to condone the system. To agree to take part in it is to be guilty by association. These students want you to shed that guilt.


The student-run, non-profit organization, Unifying Truth Project, is urging constituents to "hold off the vote" altogether until elections are fair and untainted by monetary and political influence.


Many people – particularly in our age group – believe that voting is the way to change things, but the opposite is true. By observing how our critically flawed election system works and how politicians behave, it is clear that there is no point in casting a ballot. Until the system is remodeled, voting is simply a reflexive action, not a meaningful one. If no one took part in an election, those in power would get the message, and a chance at real reform could happen. The people en masse have incredible power, but it is an influence they’ve come to forget. Refusing to vote until our political system is cleaned up would send a clear and commanding message that Americans do not want to participate in a deeply dishonest system.

  - Xavier Moutoux, Founder of Unifying Truth Project


The bi-partisan, back-and-forth game between the political parties is paralyzing and corrupting our government. Republicans side with Republicans, Democrats side with Democrats, and the party with the most seats takes control. Politicians do not vote on the merits of an issue, but on the basis of getting reelected and furthering their party’s control, or enriching themselves financially. Everyone can see this. Shakespeare once said: “It is not what you do that counts, it is what people think you do that counts.” This quote is highly relevant in politics, where the issues have become secondary to perceptual manipulation and self-empowerment. It is an outrage that the American government has been defiled by a two-party rivalry. Politicians are only concerned about their own welfare. It's time Americans stop bowing down and start standing up. Don’t Vote!



Don't Vote


The Plan: Reform Political System



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