Clean Energy and New Jobs for Everyone


Conversion to solar, wind, geothermal and hydro-electric energy will solve all the nation's and the world's employment, economic, and pollution problems all at the same time.


May 5, 2013 - What does it take to mobilize America and unite its manufacturing sector to work towards a single goal? In the past, world war and the very real possibility of life-and-death brought us together. Our current situation is the equivalent to WWIII, and we need to mobilize to win it.


Just like in time of war, we should use the Pentagon to organize this massive project. It would be dedicated to building and installing enough renewable energy technology to supply all the power needs of the United States in five years. This project will solve our energy, unemployment, and pollution problems simultaneously.


Why not create millions of high paying jobs now? The government did it in the 1930s building dams that have been and will continue to be a great benefit. We need a new, new deal.
We possess the technology to convert to solar, geothermal, and wind energy now, and we don’t need the motivation of war or economic depression to do it. If we can work together in wartime to manufacture ships and airplanes, we can cooperate in peacetime to build an energy system even more efficiently and quickly. The energy system will pay for itself in a few years while producing abundant, safe, and nearly free electricity. Many new jobs will be created, ending unemployment.


We have a giant nuclear reactor in the sky. We do not need to wait for the technology to get cheaper than oil and for private industry to build the new system. We can just print the money to fund the conversion to renewable energy. The technology will pay for the temporary inflation caused by printing the money. In effect, everyone who benefits from the energy system will be paying for it.


There is no shortage of energy. The sun’s rays, the earth’s heat, flowing water and blowing wind give us an inexhaustible source of energy. Clean energy will be the foundation for paradise on earth.


Clean Energy America


For more information, see pages 53-56 of The Present at and read through the Clean Energy - Green Technology insights section.





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