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Concerned students form non-profit organization dedicated to finding, defining and spreading world-unifying, universal truth.


Local, National, International (September 11, 2010) - Many people are working to stop poverty, pollution, over-population, racism, crime, war, disease, and the other social ills that plague mankind, but the problems are never ending.  This is because the root cause of the problems, division, is never resolved.  The solution is to unite people with the truth.


Unifying Truth Project is a non-profit organization formed and run by young people who are fed up with the lies and deception that millions of adults are saying is the truth.  "They are destroying the world and stealing our future.  We are sick of the lies from our political leaders, businessmen, clergy, lawyers and other people in power that will sell our future in exchange for their shortsighted benefit.  All the glad-handing, back-slapping, platitudes, and empty promises make us sick." - Founders, Unifying Truth Project


Many people believe in old myths that contradict other beliefs and scientific evidence, and this causes division. Religious dogmas and myths were created before people had the benefit of modern science. Science attempts to objectively discover how life works, and religion attempts to subjectively find a way to live in harmony with life, so they both have pieces to the same puzzle. The organization's main project, Truth Contest, aims to combine the objective and the subjective to find and define the underlying truth in everything, thereby uniting science and religion toward a common goal. For the first time, we will know and understand how life works so that we can live completely in harmony with it. This will present a solid, certain morality which will serve as the foundation for a united world.


The truth does not take sides; it is the same for everyone!

The top entry at Truth Contest is the most complete and accurate explanation of the ultimate truth in the history of mankind. Anyone who does not agree can submit an entry that they think is better. In this way, we will work together to evaluate, update and refine the entries on the main page. The contest is really not a competition with a winner, because it is a collective effort towards truth. Anyone who participates is helping to find, define and spread the truth. With this platform for honesty, open minds, an open exchange of ideas, good will and the power of the Internet, we will find and spread the truth to stop the lies and deception once and for all.


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