Vision Statement


We envision a world united by the truth of life everyone can see and check for themselves. This world will no longer be divided and run by belief, blind faith, greed and ignorance. We envision a world where all people work and live in harmony with one another and with nature to efficiently and effectively address and resolve the threats to the survival of the human race. We must see to it that every single person has the basic necessities of living available, but this is impossible until we become aware of the truth. Ignorance of the truth is what keeps the human race from progressing and thriving as a global community, from living in a worldwide "utopian society" on planet Earth.


This unified "heaven on earth" starts with finding, defining and spreading a unifying, universal truth that will unite the human race by dissolving the mental walls that divide and blind mankind. We must face the truth and take the next step in our evolution. Truth is reality. Truth is unchangeable and will never go away, no matter how much we try to ignore it and/or believe in myths. Regardless of what we do or believe, we are going to have to face the truth to survive on this planet. We cannot put off facing the truth any longer.


We will systematically expose the root problem of division in all aspects of society. Our main project, Truth Contest, will always have the most clear, complete, and accurate explanation of the ultimate truth. The power of the internet is being used to catalyze a massive awakening of humanity, and Unifying Truth Project is at the cutting edge.